Solano County Weather-Based Irrigation Controller Rebate Program

The Solano Weather-Based Irrigation Rebate Program is designed to provide residents with information and irrigation devices to develop a water-efficient landscape that not only looks beautiful, but also conserves water and reduces water run-off. Through this program, qualifying residents can receive a free landscape survey, conducted by a professional landscape representative and can participate in the rebate program by purchasing a new Weather-Based Irrigation Controller.*

* To qualify for a rebate, residents must live within Solano County Water Agency’s service area and meet all program participation criteria.


Step 1

Free Landscape Surveys

Free landscape surveys are available to qualifying sites. If eligible, a professionally trained landscape representative will survey your landscape, identify leaks and opportunities to conserve water, and provide a list of recommendations.

Step 2

Rebates are Available for “Weather-Based” Controllers

After participating in the landscape survey, you may be eligible for the rebate program. 50% of water is used outdoors to irrigate landscapes; therefore “Weather-Based” controllers can save an average of 47 gallons per day.

The Weather-Based controller will input the total amount of time to operate each irrigation station without you or your landscape contractor having to do the work. When the weather gets warm, the Weather-Based controller irrigates more. When the weather cools down, it irrigates less. The Weather-Based controller utilizes prevailing weather conditions, soil moisture levels, sunlight, temperature and humidity to calculate how much water should be applied to your landscape. . . . So the guess work is taken out of programming your controller!

For more information or to make an appointment for a FREE landscape survey, please call 800-366-6995.



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