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What is the MWDOC Landscape Performance Certification Program?

The Municipal Water District of Orange County’s Landscape Performance Certification Program is a FREE water management tool for homeowner associations, landscapers and property managers. Participants in the program use the Internet to track their irrigation meter’s monthly water use and compare it to a custom water budget. This enables property managers and landscapers to easily identify areas that are over/under watered, and enhances their accountability to homeowner association boards.

Participants of this program receive a monthly Irrigation Performance Report directed to the Property Owner, Property Manager and Landscaper to:

A recent study shows that irrigation meters participating in this program save an average of 765 gallons of water per day compared to those meters that are not part of this program.

The Landscape Performance Certification Program was pioneered and is partially funded by the Municipal Water District of Orange County, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and your local water retailer.