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Protector del Agua: Professional

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Course Description

The Protector del Agua course series consists of four consecutive classes in landscape water management, each building upon principles presented in the preceding class. Every participant receives a bound reference handbook, as well as a certificate of completion at the end of the course listing all classes completed. The following is a synopsis of each class in the course:

  1. Irrigation Principles: This comprehensive class covers the basic principles of landscape irrigation and provides a solid foundation for sound landscape water management. At the conclusion of the class, participants will have attained, through lecture and classroom demonstrations, a practical knowledge of landscape irrigation design, installation, maintenance, and repair. Topics include: irrigation system types; sprinkler layouts; sprinkler components; sprinkler selection and spacing; and common sprinkler problems.
  2. Irrigation System Troubleshooting: This session focuses on an analytical approach to solving irrigation system failures. Three potential problem areas are examined: (1) mechanical problems; (2) hydraulic problems; and (3) electrical problems. Participants receive hands-on training in the use of electrical troubleshooting equipment.
  3. Controller Programming: This hands-on workshop teaches participants basic controller features through the programming of sample cases. Participants then move into more advanced controller programming as they input more complex schedules, taking into consideration temperature/seasonal changes, rain, landscape activities, and demands which limit irrigation times. Irrigation controllers are provided for in-class use.
  4. Irrigation Scheduling: This session focuses on two critical questions: (1) When to irrigate? (2) How much water to apply? A variety of field techniques and methods are presented, along with the technical aspects to be considered when scheduling irrigation run times. Each participant is furnished with the tools needed to perform an irrigation scheduling assignment. Tools must be returned to the instructor at the end of the class.

This program is funded by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and is offered by the Municipal Water District of Orange County.

Original course curriculum developed by The Irrigation Training and Research Center at California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo for the Metropolitan Water District.

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